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Warning for Ragging
Under the order of Honorable Supreme Court of India vide its judgment / orders dated 4th May 2001,16th May 2007 and 11th February 2009, ragging is completely prohibited in the institution. Anyone indulging in ragging is likely to be punished appropriately. The punishment includes imprisonment, fine or both, expulsion from institution, suspension from the classes for a period of time or fine with a public apology. In connection with this we have taken affidavits from the students and parents.

In case a student is harassed by seniors/any other student at the institution/ hostel or premises thereof, he/she may contact directly/telephonically to the members of anti- ragging committee of the institute.

» UGC Draft For Anti-Ragging

»Affidavit By Students And Parents For Anti-Ragging


Anti-ragging Committee

Sr. No. Affiliation
1 Head of the Institution
2 Representatives of civil administration
3 Representatives of police administration
4 Representatives of local media
5 Representative of Non Government
Organizations (NGOs) involved in youth activities
6 Representatives of faculty members
7 Representatives of parents
8 Representatives of first year students (Boys and Girls)
9 Representatives of senior students (Boys and Girls)
10 Representatives non-teaching staff

Anti-Ragging Squad

Sr. No. Members
1 Head of the Institution
2 Head of Departments
3 Hostel Warden (Boys)
4 Hostel Warden (Girls)
5 One Faculty members of First Year
6 One Faculty member of Each Department
7 Representatives non-teaching staff

Mentoring Cell:
A Mentoring Cell consisting of students volunteering to be Mentors for first year students, in the succeeding academic year; and there shall be as many levels or tiers of Mentors as the number of batches in the institution, at the rate of one Mentor for six first year students and one Mentor of a higher level for six Mentors of the lower level.