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The institute has highly qualified, dynamic and experienced faculty members. Faculties at GPERI have excellent skills in teaching and communication and committed to establish innovations among the students. Faculties aim to motivate the students in order to develop competence in scientific research among students. Academic Staff of the institute also organizes workshops, seminar and conferences structured on a definite theme for holistic development of students.

Sr.No. Name Qualification Designation E-mail
1 Dr. Rajesh Patel M.Tech, PhD Principal principal@gperi.ac.in
Civil Engineering Department
1 Dr. Sandip S. Trivedi Ph.D. Professor & Head hod.civil@gperi.ac.in
2 Prof. Ketan Lakhtaria M.E., Ph.D. Cont. Assistant Professor ketan.lakhtaria@gperi.ac.in
3 Prof. Madhu Trivedi M.E., Ph.D. Cont. Assistant Professor madhu.trivedi@gperi.ac.in
4 Prof. Sadanand Sahu M.Tech. Assistant Professor sadanand.sahu@gperi.ac.in
5 Prof. Bhargav Majmundar M.Tech. Assistant Professor bhargav.majmundar@gperi.ac.in
6 Prof. Gaurav J. Vyas M.E. Assistant Professor Gaurav.vyas@gperi.ac.in
Computer Engineering Department
1 Dr. Hasmukh Patel M.Tech, Ph.D. Assistant Professor & DIC hasmukh.patel@gperi.ac.in
2 Prof. Rajesh Patel M.Tech,Ph.D. Cont. Assistant Professor rajesh.patel@gperi.ac.in
3 Prof. Maulik Patel M.Tech Assistant Professor maulik.patel@gperi.ac.in
4 Prof. Harish Rathod M.Tech Assistant Professor harish.rathod@gperi.ac.in
5 Prof. Hardik Upadhyay M.Tech Assistant Professor hardik.upadhyay@gperi.ac.in
6 Prof. Jatin Patel M.E Assistant Professor jatin.patel@gperi.ac.in
7 Prof. Jignesh Patel M.Tech. Assistant Professor jignesh.patel@gperi.ac.in
8 Prof. Madhuri Patel M.E. Assistant Professor madhuri.patel@gperi.ac.in
Electrical Engineering Department
1 Prof. Mahesh Patel Ph. D. Cont. Assistant Professor mahesh.patel@gperi.ac.in
2 Prof. Hema Mehta M.E, Ph. D. Cont. Assistant Professor hema.mehta@gperi.ac.in
3 Prof. Sanjay Patel M.E Assistant Professor sanjay.patel@gperi.ac.in
4 Prof. Ashvin G. Patel M.E Assistant Professor ashvin.patel@gperi.ac.in
5 Prof. Dhaval Patel M.Tech. Assistant Professor dhaval.patel@gperi.ac.in
6 Prof. Anshul Awasthi M.Tech Assistant Professor anshul.awasthi@gperi.ac.in
7 Prof. Deepak Joshi M.Tech Assistant Professor deepak.joshi@gperi.ac.in
8 Prof.Saransh Gupta M.Tech Assistant Professor saransh.gupta@gperi.ac.in
9 Prof.Piyush Miyani M.Tech Assistant Professor piyush.miyani@gperi.ac.in
10 Prof. Bhavesh Patel M.Tech Assistant Professor bhavesh.patel@gperi.ac.in
Mechanical Engineering Department
1 Dr. Vijay Matawala M.Tech, Ph.D. Professor & Head drvijay.matawala@gperi.ac.in
2 Prof. Rajesh J. Patel M.E.,Ph.D. Cont. Assistant Professor rajeshj.patel@gperi.ac.in
3 Prof. Alpesh Joshi M.E.,Ph.D. Cont. Assistant Professor alpesh.joshi@gperi.ac.in
4 Prof. Vipul Patel M.E.,Ph.D. Cont. Assistant Professor vipul.patel@gperi.ac.in
5 Prof. Vinay Kumar M.E Assistant Professor vinay.kumar@gperi.ac.in
6 Prof. Sumit kumar M.Tech Assistant Professor sumit.kumar@gperi.ac.in
7 Prof. Ravi Upadhyai M.Tech Assistant Professor ravi.upadhyai@gperi.ac.in
8 Prof. Parin Patel M.Tech Assistant Professor parin.patel@gperi.ac.in
9 Prof. Bhargav Pandya M.Tech Assistant Professor bhargav.pandya@gperi.ac.in
Science & Humanities Department
1 Dr. Jignesh Patel M.Sc , Ph.D. Assistant Professor & DIC Physics dr.jignesh.patel@gperi.ac.in
2 Dr. Vikas Raval M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Communication Skills
3 Dr. Amisha Patel M.Sc,Ph.D. Assistant Professor
4 Prof. Himesh Patel M.Sc Assistant Professor
5 Prof. Nirav Modi M.Sc Assistant Professor
6 Prof. Alkesh Trivedi M.A. Assistant Professor
Communication Skills
7 Prof. Janki Gajjar M.Sc Assistant Professor