R&D Center: Solar Energy

The role of new and renewable energy has been assuming increasing significance in recent times with the growing concern for the country's energy security. The GPERI Solar R&D Center was established with the special grant from Department of Energy and Petrochemical, Govt. of Gujarat. The main objective of the center is to provide technical support to carryout research and testing of Solar Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy.

The center has facility to conduct research, development, testing and consultancy in the fields of solar energy conversion and solar building technologies, to contribute towards global sustainable development. The major area of research is materials, components, processes and systems for photovoltaic electricity generation, solar and energy-efficient buildings. The lab and testing facility includes Novel PV Concepts, Silicon Materials and Cells, PV modules, solar energy systems etc.


Memorandum of Understanding was signed among the Gujarat Power Engineering and Research Institute (GPERI), Gujarat Power Corporation Limited (GPCL) and Gujarat Institute of Solar Energy (GISE) in july 2012. The collaborative model was built with an excellent professionalism in Solar engineering education among the institutions.